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From a reactive to an empowered presence
March 21 - 24, 2024

OSHO Uta Institute, Cologne, Germany

This workshop is about finding my power and my voice and setting healthy boundaries.


During this workshop, we will look at taking responsibility for our feelings and understanding the difference between the healthy expression of anger and power, vs. staying quiet, being indirect, using rage or acting out.


We will address what happens when I stand in my own power, say a clear NO, set clear boundaries, and how this can create space for a sincere and heartfelt YES.


To balance all this power, we will introduce different forms of meditation.


​PREREQUISITE: This workshop is for participants who have prior experience with emotional work or who have completed an Introductory Weekend.


This workshop at the Osho UTA Institute in Cologne will be $100 / 100 including accommodation in the group room. Meals are available but not included in the fees.

Scholarships are available.


To register click here.

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