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In addition to the themes of the workshops, participants are experiencing the beauty of the Arizona high desert, the romantic French countryside, or the vibrant urban setting of the UTA Institute in Germany. There will be dancing, painting, singing, and more forms of artistic expression, and the occasional trip to the river for a swim. The magic of the landscapes and the contemplative environment of the locations invite you to explore your own spirituality and connection to the world at large, in whatever ways feel right to you.

Summer Program

Ten days of relating, sharing, dancing, and self exploration through meditation and many forms of creative expression.

July 19 - 28, 2024

La Ferme du Jutreau, France

Awareness and the Inner Journey

Experiencing my Essential Self

A weekend of meditation, connection, and self discovery.

September 27 - 29, 2024

OSHO Uta Institute, Cologne, Germany

Winter Workshop

Friendship, Laughter, Joy, and Real Connection

December 27, 2024 -  January 5, 2025

Triveni Ashram in Paulden, AZ

Friendship and Intimacy

Building Meaningful Connections and Real Friendships

March 14 - 16, 2025

OSHO Uta Institute, Cologne, Germany

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