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Young Adult Essentials of Self

Young Adult Essentials of Self

This year-long program is for young adults who would like to be part of a group that is deeply committed to supporting each other while exploring such topics as: the “essential self,” authentic relationships, and living with openness, honesty, love, kindness and clarity. The YAEOS program consist of four onsite workshops and monthly Zoom Sharing Circles.

The Essential Self Model                    ©AURUM Leadership International

What is my essential self and how do I engage with the world from that place? How do I listen to and make sense of the different voices and feelings inside of me? What are my boundaries? What do I really want?
These are some of the questions we explore deeply in this program.
As part of this group you will learn skills to better express yourself in connected and empowered ways, and gain a deeper understanding of your impact on others.

For the best way to get a deeper sense of what this program is about we recommend reading some of the testimonials on this website.

If you are interested in this program reach out to us via the contact from.

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