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The locations where the workshops take place are all embedded in a community of people who have embraced meditation, mindfulness, human growth, and self-awareness as a daily practice. However, the program does not follow any particular school or spiritual teaching, but rather invites the participants to follow their own inner voice.

Triveni Ashram

Located on two hundred acres of pristine land in the high desert of central Arizona, Triveni Ashram is a sanctuary dedicated to practice, ritual worship, group gatherings and celebrations, and sacred art within the context of spiritual community. 

Programs and activities include international gatherings, seminars, workshops, individual and small group retreats. 

The Triveni Ashram offers an opportunity to step away from the demands and commitments of everyday life and nourish oneself with silence and contemplation, study, exercise, and self-observation.



The Osho UTA Institute is a very lively place in the middle of Cologne, Germany, whose vision and heartfelt concern is to create a place where people can meditate and introspect, regardless of their religious or ethnic affiliation. can.

They want to create a space where everyone can embark on their individual journey to themselves in a protected setting. A space that allows you to discover yourself and your own potential, a space for inner growth and personal development.

Rasa Creek Sanctuary

The Rasa Creek Sanctuary is 126 acres of paradise located in Trinity Valley, one hour northeast of Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. 

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La Ferme is a place of deep practice where students of Lee Lozowick, and practitioners interested in a spiritual path, have come together for decades to meditate, chant, share, and enjoy each other's company. It is located near Saint Pierre de Maille in the French countryside and provides beautiful scenery, tranquility, and space. It is a place where you can let go and also remain quiet while experiencing your own spirituality in ways that feel right to you.

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