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Friendship and Intimacy

Building Meaningful Connections and Real Friendships
March 14 - 16, 2025  

Osho UTA Institute, Germany

This workshop is focused on exploring how to be real and honest in our relationships. How can we be ourselves and yet see and respect the other?


We all have a need to be loved and in our world that often feels like we have to be a certain way to fit in, to be cool, to be accepted. 


During this workshop, we provide an opportunity to experiment with relating in a different way from our true selves. What happens when I am really honest about what I need and what I can give?  With curiosity, courage, kindness, and love you have an opportunity to explore friendship and connection in a new way that feels real to you. Relating your own way.

This workshop will be held in German and English.


This workshop at the Osho UTA Institute in Cologne will be $100 / 100 including accommodation in the group room. Meals are available but not included in the fees.

Scholarships are available.


To register click here to send us a message. Let us know your age and how you heard about us.

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