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Creative Expressions
July 19 - 28, 2024
La Ferme du Jutreau, France

Ten days of relating, sharing, dancing, and self exploration through meditation and many forms of creative expression.


We’ll experiment with tools and techniques and explore practices to strengthen the acceptance of and trust in our own true selves. Building our path in life, our very own journey with curiosity, courage, kindness, friendship, and love.

We’ll build skills in resolving conflicts and restoring relationships, a key aspect of leadership. Exploring human relationships as part of complex systems will support understanding of our place in our communities, at school, at work, in the family, and in the world at large.

This workshop will include a lot of time for creative expression, meditation, relaxation, and celebration.


The suggested donation for this 10-day workshop is $/400 including onsite accommodation and meals. Scholarships are available.


To register click here to send us a message. Let us know your age and how you heard about us.

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